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Preparing For Bike Racing

Bike racing is a good way to get exercise and for people to test their skills against other competitors. Many people will ride along a course to see which will be the best of the best. Every rider has different things that they do to prepare, but all of them should at least do the basics. The following tips can help racers prepare for a bike race.

Racers should get used to riding in a group for the big race. Doing group rides with others during training sessions will help riders become accustomed to riding at high speeds with groups that are tightly packed. Local bike clubs can help with the large group setting and it comes with the advantage of teaching riders how to draft. Riders will also learn riding etiquette that will keep from making things difficult for others.

Racers should prepare by becoming familiar with the course before the race. Most of the time the organizers of the race will make a route map available for the participants to look over and test before the race. This gives racers a chance to make note of any areas of the route that will be tough, such as parts that have hills to climb or dangerous hazards. Racers can create strategies that will help them get through the route in the fastest time while using as little energy as possible.

Racers should thoroughly check their bike the day before the race. Every piece should be looked at and tested to make sure it is functioning properly, including the brakes and shifting. An eye should be kept out for anything that may have come loose during practice. Tires should be inflated, checked for cuts, and replaced if any are found. The drive train also needs to be cleaned and lubricated so the wheels will turn properly.

A racer will have a consistent diet, meaning that the night before the race, they shouldn’t try eating something that is different from what they would normally eat before training. There’s no time to experiment with different food combinations that late in the preparation stage. A normal meal that is rich in carbohydrates will suffice for a pre-training meal. Racers must also hydrate the night before the race.

Breakfast is important for racers to have the energy to make it through the course. Racers should eat their usual pre-training breakfast foods consisting of protein and carbohydrates a least a couple of hours before the race will begin. Things like toast with peanut butter and porridge are nutritious breakfast options. Racers will need to also drink water with breakfast to stay hydrated.

Bottles of water and food should be packed before race day so time won’t have to be wasted on doing it. The length of the race will determine how much food and water needs to be packed. One bottle and a little gel will be enough to cover an hour-long race, but for something longer, more will be needed and 500 calories will need to be consumed each hour after the first one.

Using enough time and preparation, anyone can become ready to ride in a bike rice. First place isn’t promised to anyone, but those who are prepared will have a good shot at getting it.