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Tips For Choosing Motorcycle Gear

When you are looking at motorcycle gear, you need to get the best that you can afford. It is generally better to make the investment in your gear than have something that will not work correctly. If you are new to buying motorcycle gear, there are some tips that you can use to help.

The Size

Before buying any gear, you need to try it on to ensure that it is the right size. All your gear should be sung without being too tight. Gear that is too tight will limit your movement and could hamper the built-in ventilation.

However, you do not want your gear to be too loose either. This could impair your reflexes and in the event of an accident, the gear will not stay in place on your body. This will limit the protection that it can offer you.

The Length

Motorcycle gear has been designed to protect you when you are riding and not to show off your good looks. When you stand, your gear is going to look too long. This is actually correct because when you are in a riding position, your gear will protect your wrists and ankles. The additional length in the gear will stop them from riding up when you sit on your bike.

The Armor

When you look at your armor, you need to consider the rating that it has. These ratings will include CE-rated armor which is to an EU standard. There are American standards to look at as well and you need to know what they mean.

The armor that you get should also offer extra cover for your elbows, shoulder, and back. Armored pants should have additional coverage on the knee and hips. This will ensure that all of your joints are protected in the event of an accident. This protection should fall below the joint that it is protecting when you stand with your arms at your side.

Good gear will also have adjustable pockets for the armor at the joints. This will ensure that the armor works for varying arm and leg length. It will also allow you to remove the armor to clean it which is something that you need to do.

The Construction

When looking at gear at DP Custom Motorcycles, you need to carefully consider the overall construction. The seams should be double or triple stitched to ensure that they are durable and will hold in the event of an accident. You also need to ensure that all the seams have a smooth finish. The smooth finish will make them more resistant to popping open.

When you are looking at boots, you should choose ones that have a solid construction. They should have ankle protection as well as a shifter pad and toe protection. The soles should also be oil-resistant and you should ensure that they are stitched on and not glued on.

There are a number of factors that you need to consider when choosing motorcycle gear. This gear will protect you while you are riding and if you are ever in an accident.